Thursday, 2 April 2015

Day 2: Greening


More Spring themes today :)


Green is a song 
birds sing in spring
braiding the day 
in vines of hope.

Green is a verb
that flexes new hands,
puts wheels to wishes,
a genie of effort. 

Green is a heart
when it breathes, 
elixir of energy
when it heals.

Green is a plan
that seeks a horizon, 
undaunted growth
that never wearies.


  1. Lovely, lovely - the first two lines are PERFECT - song, sing and Spring just work so beautifully together, that repeating sound...and I love the repetition of 'green' too, it's such an evocative but simple word, and it really focuses and refocuses each time on that lovely living colour (I'm using lovely a lot, aren't I?!)

    I loved 'green is a verb' so completely - am jealous of that. As soon as I read it, I thought grow, live, reach, shoot....etc etc and I neve realised what an active word green is: I love when a poem does that makes you consider or reconsider something and think, oh yes, that's absolutely it....

    Lovely :-)

    1. Thank you Cheryl. This was a very spontaneous quick first draft - I now have other verses scrambling for recognition...

      Yes, green is such an active word isn't it? It's Spring to me, growth, energy, zing...

      I think colours are fantastic prompts. You could write a poem on every one of them and get entirely different results!