Thursday, 23 April 2015

Day 23: Pick a Card

Today's prompt is to take a random card from a random card deck (any kind of card deck - playing cards or Tarot or whatever) and write about it for a few minutes, then transform your notes into poetry. 

Because I'm lazy I have just selected a card from my mind, a card I have always been fascinated with as a symbol of bad luck and the stamp of a lucky/luckless Fate - the Ace of Spades.

Ace of Spades

Ominous shovel
to dig the grave
of failure. Unnnerving 
sceptre of danger.

Bad luck. Black shamrock
with a razored peak.
A winner's harsh
unrelenting eye.

Always enigmatic. 
Insolent. Intense portent 
of Fate's boot-heel
stamp. Luck's most

eloquent guise. Bluff-caller, 
trump of deceitful triumph.
Poisoned vial of craft 
and cunning stuck

in an inverted heart;
dagger of do or die.
Blackened and carved 
daredevil egotism,

familiar victory that casts 
a deadened look. 
Slice and dice, cold 
hard fact of destiny's 

irreversible lot. Scar 
of doleful loss. Brand 
of a cynic, always
an end.

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