Friday, 3 April 2015

Day 3: A Birthday Poem

My birthday, always at the outset of NaPo, is, like all birthdays, a prompt all in its own that can't be ignored. (And I'm always surprised when googling poems on birthdays - how so very few of them there are...)

A Birthday Poem

A neon day 
on the calendar
of white boxes, 
waited for 
with something like
hesitant glee:
another year older, 
a celebration of me.

A day in which
the white space/blank page
prism prison
of ordinary days
and who you are 
(or who you know yourself as)
is refracted
by others

into a rainbow spectrum 
of coloured delights. 
you're a kaleidoscopic wonder.

Glad to be here
and to be

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