Friday, 24 April 2015

Day 24: Destinations


Horizon heaves ahead, unfurls itself
like a banner. 

Sky whorls blue promises, green fields 
alight with anticipation.
Height is a new perspective, perspective 

a green light. 
Purpose revved, mind an accelerator. 

From here, I can see for miles, I can see miles 
rescind past, rebuild future, tally up 
timid lives.
Feel the engine of my heart purr into
as birds try out new wings alongside,
choppy helicopter propellers aflutter.

Road is a map. Road is a rolling story 
of never-ending motion, a pledge 
of forwards, a surge towards it 
in yellow sprints. 
At no fixed point does my soul reside;
wind in my wings, there is always 
somewhere I will harken after.

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