Friday, 10 April 2015

Day 10: Horizon Observations

Not following the prompt today - just going with the flow of outdoors musing. 

Heart Lines

A robin perched 
on the highest branch
of the tallest tree, 
wedged in a bare
favourite nook,
trills a bravado song
of claimed lines
and home territory.

The vapour trail puff
of a passing plane
in clearwater sky -
an arrow set
on the future,
an anchor always afloat -
begs to differ: 
horizons are endless.


  1. I like this - it's like s series of jottings in a notebook, or a quick setoff snapshots catching a series of moments. I can almost taste the Spring in 'Clearwater sky' (what a lovely description that is!).

  2. It was exactly that Cheryl - some scribbled notes sitting in the garden. A draft yet I think...