Sunday, 5 April 2015

Day 5: Easter

Once again today, no prompts used. It's Easter! And that's inspiration enough for me. 


Joy is yellow,
the colour of beaming.  
Unannounced as daffodils,
just as trumpeteering.

A sunburst of gratitude.
Love, gilded by wonder.
Nectar of light honeyed 
into a gift of sweetness.

Yolk of full days
bright and buoyant,
life sunny side up,
enjambment delight.

A yellow room 
in a yellow house,
hearth of a heart
warm and lit.

Horizon ahead
happy haze
of a mustard seed field 
in summer.


  1. You've done brilliantly to catch up after the Bank Holiday! (I'm going to have to start doing more than one poem each day, I think. I'm on holiday from the 17th-27th ad it's unlikely I'll get anything done poetry-wise then).

    This is light, and sweet, and lad - I like the descriptions you use in stanzas 1,2 & 4 very much, but stanza 3, in all its simplicity, is my favourite. That repetition of 'yellow' is just magic, implying warmth and containment and absolute yellowness from the inside out.

  2. *"light, and sweet, and GLAD, that was meant to say!

  3. Thanks Cheryl - yes I was thinking it was *glad! :)

    You know I'm finding that I usually have 2 or 3 ideas buzzing around my head each day and I'll write a few different ones and then decide on what poem feels the most finished to post. But I'm just loving the inspiration NaPo creates. It makes poetry more fun - and takes the solemnity out of writing it. Not so much worries about perfection or block - just a go with the flow vibe! :)