Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Day 27: Long Lines

Today's prompt is to write a poem using long lines. Hmmm, long lines are often my downfall, so I do like to keep them clipped and short, but hey, I'll go with the flow today so...


Today a story of sights: 
fluid script of serene come-and-go waves,
curlicues of white as taut as intricate lace. 
The calligraphy of tree branches as they wait for leaves. 
One magpie's unlucky black and white fly-by.  
Cars that pass oblivious, slow verbs in the distance. 
Clouds that can't seem to make up their mind -
stay, go, float, fall; all the same, whatever which way
Two lone pink flowers on the cherry blossom at the end of the lane -
spring's mascot, weak-willed, biding its blooms.  
And for the epilogue - one blue-winged, russet-blushed swallow's
sleek dart-dip, home again, (heart again), to announce a new season 
to the world beneath its wings.

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