Saturday, 9 April 2016

Day 9: Frightening Line


Today's prompt is to write a poem that contains a line you are afraid to write -  be it a truth, a fear, an unsettling image. 

Hmm. The truth, the whole truth,the scary truth and nothing but.

(I must confess I took some inspiration from this ace song I've been listening to: Thousand Eyes by Of Monsters and Men)


I watch it all 
with a thousand eyes:
how I loved you, how I lost you. 
Stuck on repeat, replay.
Every day, a new reel
I'm forced to see;
glare of multi-faceted regret.  

At night, the subconscious loots
through the loss, unstoppable. 
Greedy for guilt, my masochistic mind
can't let it go, tries in vain
to find a consolation -
there is none.

On the surface, you see me bluff 
But it's never that, not even close.

Your image splits me open:
a thousand different things 
I could have done... could have said.
The thousand ways I saw the world
refract your light -
reduced now to a shuttered one.  
Possibility has a lifespan it seems,
much too brief for love's.  

And the thousand days since -
gone by
in the blink of an eye
and still, I'm there.
Sometimes I wonder
if I'll ever be able
to leave you behind.

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