Thursday, 28 April 2016

Day 28: Story


Today's prompt is to tell a story, backwards. 

Life of a Leaf

A leaf falls from a tree. 
A copper goodbye, dipped in ochre light.
Green, a memory now, veined in its heart. 
Crinkled and curled at the first feel of cold,
head wilts, bows to teardrop pose

Summer a dream, a frond-filled fantasia,
frills and thrills of possibility.  
Tendrils leap into a pageant of palms
that cheer in the breeze, ever-present applause.
Until May beckons a glorious chorus of green.  

Sun, shine, rain, hail; it holds tight, tensed. 
Fist of belief, clenched against the elements.  
From small beginnings, a bud appears

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