Saturday, 12 April 2014

Day 11: Wine + Love = Happy

Today's NaPo prompt is to write an Anacreontic poem -  'a sort of high-falutin’ drinking song' about wine-and-love, or love of wine.Two subjects dear to my heart! 

(Oh I couldn't decide between red wine and white for the subject-matter, so ended up doing one on each! Another 2-poem day :)

A Glass of Red

Red wine roulette rhyme
rushes warm, fills with fierce form
the gaping shrine of thirsty hours,
through the veins it soars
tickling truth into hilarious farce,
salsa dancing emotions 
into flame-licking fiends:
unguard, óle, be mine. 

A brazen beat for each devil
in each grape. Careful ain't
its grinning aim. Gushing heartbeats
pool in a glass, let this, my love, be 
our last. But the world's blood
whirls, swirls in our head, heady, 
hungry, hurtling for a sip. 

So let's raise a glass and drink
to this - the bliss of a kiss, a smile
stained on a lover's lips, 
the chink of glass against glass,
la joie de vivre of decanting dreams,
that have fermented, silently, slowly,
in our sober hearts. 

Chardonnay Evening

When the sun is spilling
from the late spring evening 
into a glass 
of chilled chardonnay
and reality relaxes 
refracting its light - 
each sip, cool, crisp, exact
of possibility;
the future, 
with everything it holds 
a gleaming gold grail
in our hands, enough 
to make us

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