Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Day 9: Playlist Poem

Today's official NaPo prompt was to pick 5 songs from a playlist on your iPod and incorporate their titles into a poem. 

My first effort on this came out a tad melancholy (despite the upbeat songs!), and just as I finished it, another idea popped into my mind, based on a different prompt I saw today -  to write a poem to someone you love or once loved something you never got to tell them. 

Paint the Silence - South
Firecracker - Ryan Adams
I Feel It All - Feist
Dog Days - Florence & The Machine
Heart's Content - Brandi Carlile  


I think the world of you, and a world more - 
that's basically the gist
of what I wanted to say
but never did.  Never did 
get to share my heart's content 
in a scattering of telltale truths

like I wanted to.  All those petals 
of plucked daisy questions
never answered, still suspended 
in air, surreal scene that blurs
every other.  Dog days of summer
come and gone since, unnoticed.

Now I paint the silence around us
with a palette of platitudes: 
not meant to be, mismatched, misunderstood, 
missed, their colours sickly
on my face. But I still 
feel it all. And the lost chance,

that firecracker of telling
I never got to light, stubbed by doubt -
could have just as easily 
exploded, crackled the future 
alive in a fantail of sparks -
as went out. 

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