Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day 20: To Tulips

I'm opting out of the prompt today... and going for something a little more Easterly in trying to describe these tulips sitting in front of me - as it's impossible to ignore them in all their Easter gorgeousness!:


They crave attention
candy-coloured as lollipops 
in a sweet shop 
inviting a lick
or pastel painted eggs 
on stems, Easter bonnets 
glinting in the sun,
true mascots of spring.

Everywhere, they are
carried in arms 
like newborns with bulbous, 
beautiful heads.
Petals like pursed lips
that will unfold 
into open mouths
declaring love. 

Look how they feast
on the newfound light, 
their green arms curved 
in happy curlicues
of delight.
And their full heads 
brimming cups
that runneth over.

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