Friday, 25 April 2014

Day 25: Anaphora

Today's prompt is to write a poem that makes use of anaphora: a repetitive riff. 

My daily Awemanac book celebrated National Picnic Day a few days ago and gave a prompt to write a poem starting every line with 'picnic.' It was something I filed under the 'to-do' writing list, but now I'm thinking it will come in handy!


Picnic on this day,
on birdsong, sky and flowers newly sprung: 
bluebells, daisies, dandelions waving 
full-mast flags of petals in the wind,
on grass, its green irresistible urge,
the sprawl of Yeses, cool dew of the new
underfoot, on sun, honey poured sweetness,
sticky on fingers,  a feast for skin.
Picnic on truth, keep it always this way,
words as clear as water in sun. 
Picnic on air, the sea-breeze blowing 
its sea-stories, its salty riffs
clearing away daily dust, on seagulls soaring, 
wide wingspans of certainty.  
Picnic on delight, strawberries, newly ripe, 
shining on a blue plate, on coffee just poured, 
ambrosia aroma, here in the now.
Picnic on smiles, yours, my main course. 
Picnic on laughs, flitting around us like bees,
honeycomb interiors buzzing.
Picnic on time and its crumbs
as it goes by. 
Bring a basket to pack up, save and savour
all the remains. 
Picnic on this day. 

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