Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day 24: Masonry

Today's prompt is to write something on the topic of: masonry - walls, stone, arches, building etc. 

Eh?!!! was my first reaction to this one. No way am I writing about such a boring thing as walls! 

But as the day went on, no other inspiration came, apart from using a haiku I wrote the other day (but no, my NaPo moral guide said - that would be cheating, a poem a day is what they say!) By the end of the night, I was surprised to have a first line floating in my head. So decided to go with it. Then, I got another idea for another one - yes, another 2poem day! (Ah, the beauty of NaPo prompts, even when they seem 'Meh' they can turn out to be 'Yeah'!)

Defence Tactics

I've built a wall around my heart 
to keep intruders out. 
Built a wall from every brick 
of hurt, every heavy-hauled
pang of doubt, crushed mortar 
of hopes, plastered with pain,
an everlasting seal. 

Now flattery fingers won't find 
a hold, too high to climb 
for low agendas, too hard 
to soften against more blows,
too much work, too much time
for come-and-go take-at-wills,
trespassers, toughed out. 

Safe in this fortress of fortitude,
the best possible defence: 
only the worthy will pass. 
But still I wonder 
if the wrecking ball should come, 
whether I would fear 
or welcome it.

Mortgage Mire

Wolves huff and puff
and blow houses down. 
Little white fences gone, 
little dreams dashed, 
little pigs' cries
that go on
and on -
but the world is too big 
or deaf from destruction
to hear, too cunning
to care.

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