Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day 30: Farewell

Day 30: the last day of NaPo!

I can't believe it went by so fast and I am sad to see it over.

I will miss the daily prod of prompts, the motivation and self-discipline they inspired, the sheer delight at reading the variety of work produced by participants, the camaraderie therein, the daily gifts of poems in my inbox.  

But most of all, the best feeling engendered by NaPo is that poetry is fun!  Not something to be hesitant of, word-wobbly, worrying about its exactitude, but first and foremost, a delightful form of expression. And a magical and powerful one. 

Congratulations to one and all who took part!

Herein, I take a bow that I hope will bloom.   

NaPoWriMo 2014 Farewell 

Well that's it. Over. Farewell.
Finito. Finished. Finally. And 

No more Na-Po gung-ho go-to
penning of poems, daily prods
of prompts waving Eureka arms:

terzas, charms, lunes, all kinds
of rhyming tunes, sonnets, ruba'is
and honest-to-God fun. 

No more daily deliciousness
- or sometimes drivel.

No more nights of starry gladness,
mornings clear with the rooster call 
of the Muse.

Now we know that straw can be woven
into gold. And on a daily basis
if we true-try, not glide-by.

Busy bees filling the month with honey,
we have sipped the nectar
for future blooming.

Therefore, take a grandiose bow and bask 
in the golden glow of inspiration 

Ring-a-ring-a-rosy we didn't fall down;  
whoo-hoo! let these posies of poems
be our proud crowns.

Adios amigos! And let's not forget
this challenge was also a charm
to sparkle, smile, forget

all doubt - splurge
on inner inklings that lead
to wondrous word feats.    

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