Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day 29: News Stroy

Today's prompt is yesterday's: to take words from a news story and reassemble some or all of them (splice and dice, repeat if need) into a poem.

So I googled top stories of the day (trying to avoid the disastrous and tragic ones and steer towards something light-hearted) and couldn't resist this one from the NY Times about the debacle of the 'love-locked' bridges in Paris - whether they are a romantic expression beloved of the city or an eyesore and practical nuisance. 

Oh, and I decided to flip the theme too.

On Bridges in Paris, Clanking With Love

Bridges of melancholy
spanning forever
lock horror 
heartbroken proof
in people. 

Stage-set panels 
of battles 
love-locked hawkers'

Years sag
beneath the weight
of sacrifice, 
shadow gestures
clanking. Thousands 

of tossed names,
metallic tumor
of suffering

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