Friday, 4 April 2014

Day 4: Charm

Today I'm using yesterday's NaPoWriMo prompt: to write a charm poem in the style of a recipe/nursery rhyme. 

Ok then.

Spring Spell 

Take one blue pool of sky
and scatter in
the sugar of snowdrops,
some egg-yolk yellow daffodils,
a butterfly wing 
pinned to a tulip's lip,
the leafy tongue
of a bud beginning. 
Use a sundial 
to count to twenty one.

Add a swig of sun and the first sprig
of grass, twittering 
of birdsong, little lamb leaps.
Pick possibilities like wildflowers.
Drink the green juice 

of reborn leaves
beneath a cherry blossom
and the bloom of a smile
on a blushing evening.
Braid a primrose promise to
let light in, darkness out. 
your new chance.

Now -
take the seedling of a dream
and plant it in your heart. 
Keep it often in sight,
water with love
and watch it 

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