Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day 26: Curtal

Today's prompt is to write a curtal sonnet, a shorter version of the traditional form with a 6-line stanza, 4-line stanza then a half a line ending. 

As for the iambic pentameter particular to sonnets - so far I have gotten through a degree in English literature, not to mention my writing career, without being on intimate terms with it - and don't intend to start now. Let the words fall where they may!

In Absentia 

Your absence has become a presence.
Not a lack or an ache, but an ever-there
malady, a surplus of shadow on days, a bruise 
that won't go away, a bank account cancelled
still charging by the day, a blank canvas 
centerpiece hung in the main room of my life.

It's there unawares, in a tethered stare, a hole
time falls into. Behind every word I write
it hovers as a ghostly agenda, a goon with a gun
demanding to remember an answer I forgot. 

A nothing that has become everything. 

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