Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Day 10: Simultaneity

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The prompt today is to write a poem of simultaneity, that is - a poem in which different things are occurring at the same time.

A bit of meta-fiction in this one ;)

Trying to Write a Daily Poem 

Dishes clatter. TV thrums background chatter. 
Quiet centre, words begin to gather. 

Day replays in soundbite manic matters.
Rhythm and rhyme shuffle forward.

Family members to and fro banter.
White page cool breeze blows harder. 

Night bird trills its relentless twitter.
Tune of a poem curls round my finger. 

Meaningless minutiae merge to a stutter.
Lines focus like a beam of light.

Cat jumps, sleeps, purrs, hovers.
Poem blooms, gift of wonder.

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