Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Day 3: List

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Today's prompt was to write a List Poem. 

I've ALWAYS  wanted to name cocktails, so, here goes...

Cocktail Hour

Lemon-aid. Vanilla coronation.
Pink flamingo serenade.
Moon Swoon. Blue Moon. To-the-moon.
Full moon fizz. Sugar-mama.
Lickety-split. Peach buffoon.
Schnapps got your tongue. Loony tune.
Stiletto kick. Safari sun. Tiger's tooth.
Elderflower moon. Pomegranate kiss.
Matcha-maker. Madhatter's tea.
The Double 00 (shaken-not-stirred.)
Rose-rouge. Sour Cherry. Toot-toot.
Hemingway highball. Bourbon Swing.
Double-trouble. Hubba Bubba.
Swashbuckled. Gin Sin.
Ginger Finger. Gunslinger.
The OMG. Mamma Mia. Bees Knees.
Twist 'n' tequila. Cointreau Clown.
Luck of the Irish. Talk-of-the-Town.
Bittersweet. Moonstruck. Take A Bow.
Dirty Harry Martini. Casablanca Queen.
Razmatazz. All That Jazz.
Lavender Lass. Strawberry Dream.
Brandy Bouquet. Bonjour Amour!
High Five. Happy Daze.

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