Sunday, 15 April 2018

Day 15: Villain

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Today's prompt was to write a poem about a fairytale villain's good points. Hmm. All the villains have been done...apart from this one. 


Under the sea there is silence.
A rush of blood to the head
and then a deliberate quiet.
Ursula had known life loud:
percussion, jazz, big bold soprano.
Nothing floated her boat like a sweet voice
hitting those high notes.

She remembered the lilt of a lyric -
how it could hook in your gut
like a barb, the thrill of a chorus, 
swell of a song as it filled your lungs
wave of longing, no more alone. 
Music her only muse, sunk deep
in her forsworn soul.

If melody be the tune of love, play on -
but nothing sang here, nothing
could even make a sound. Until her. Godsend.
Ariel and her aria. Anthem of hope.
A lost wish, found. How a heart can ache.
And oh how it glowed in the dark, that jewel
blazing from her throat.

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