Saturday, 7 April 2018

Day 7: Strengths & Weaknesses

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Today we're to have one of our strengths talk to one of our weaknesses, or thereabouts.  


Said Imagination to the little girl:
"Come, I'll take you
Everywhere, lay the world
at your feet.
I'm a carnival ride,
a rhyme to glide
on the rhythm of life.
Rely on me, be forever free."

"But I'm afraid you see
that life is too big for me,"
said the girl, her heartbeat
all a-flutter. 

"Be big for life! Colour! Wonder!
Be the magic-maker, thought-painter,
wayfarer, dream-seeker.
Trample fear with faith.
All that is dull, be gone!
Life in Technicolor -
my raison d'etre."

"Ok then" said the girl
taking a rainbow-hued hand
and feeling her wingspan

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  1. What a beautiful way to show that everyone needs imagination <3