Sunday, 29 April 2018

Day 29: Plath Poetry Project

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We had to respond to a Plath poem today from this website - what a cool (but difficult) prompt! I love Plath's poetry for its unparalled powers of unusual figurative language that is simultaneously beguiling and brilliant.

I chose Love Letter - one of my favourites by her and am doing a poem inspired by an element of it.


I was a stone before you came.
Life long and low in stasis, incongruous 
in my ordinariness, impervious to care.
Grey grit, flint, fragment flung far -
bruise of air - footnote unnoticed.
Solid sorrow, a fossilized tear. Sediment 
of some other where.

But when you appeared I became
a hop and a skip; a wish skimming 
silvered water; crystalline veins new.
A firm promise, world in your hand, 
warm, porous to promises, permanent
fixture deep at home 
in the well of your heart.

Then all of a sudden: sunk. Thunk of
an unwanted thought. Balderdash.
Transformation incomplete. The dredge 
of a dream, kernel of uncare. Scuppered. 
Dropped there in the dark, ripple of regret,  
forgotten, forlorn. Hardened now
to the point I rhyme with rock.

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