Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Day 18: Response/Revision to Another Poem

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Today's prompt was so cool: take a random poem, cover all of it but the last line and write a line to respond to it. Then move to the second last line, write a line to respond and so on and so on until you have 'answered' all the lines of the poem. 

I opened a poetry anthology randomly this morning and found this lovely poem from Marianne Moore to be my piggyback poem:

A Jelly-fish - Marianne Moore

Visible, invisible,
a fluctuating charm
an amber-tinctured amethyst
inhabits it, your arm
approaches and it opens
and it closes; you had meant
to catch it and it quivers;
you abandon your intent.


With resolve, you begin again. 
  Let it go, and the world stands still, shimmers.
Now it opens. I had never meant
  to retreat, close down.
I live in it you know, your heart
  a salmon-pink jewel,
flamboyant secret.
  Unknown, known.

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