Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Day 25: Warning Label

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Today we had to write a warning label poem about ourselves. Hmmm....


Approach with careful consideration.
(Prone to irritation).
Do NOT, I repeat, placate 
with compliments. Short fuse will lead to
temper tantrums ( you've been told...).
Flammable if exposed 
to know-it-alls, pettiness of any kind,
an aversion to breaking the rules.
Beware, may bite if attacked
(but bark is far worse...)
Keep away from soulless ventures.
(Explosive content within.)
Subject to many whims. Ungraspable. Colours may vary. 
Delirious with dreams. Do not dismiss
under any circumstances.
(Content toxic to naysayers, undreamers).
May contain eccentricities, given over 
to rhyme. Tread with dare.
Riddled with uncertainty, will only respond
to genuine originality.
Take with a pinch of sugar, not salt.
No tolerance for moderation. Preponderance 
for midnight feasting, 
passion, poetics, wild galloping notions.
Don't be alarmed. 
Not suitable, for the faint of heart.

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