Saturday, 14 April 2018

Day 14: Dream Dictionary

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I'm loving today's prompt - to write an imaginary dream dictionary entry based on words provided.

Dream Diary


Beware of too much talk. Of blundering blindly
into high society.
A dream of camaraderie.
You will encounter fine, delicate
situations in which you want to behave
badly. (Just like the Madhatter...)

If the teacup is cracked
you cannot keep up the polite facade.
Sipping from it continuously
means you are nervous, relax.
Colourful china denotes 
a cheerful disposition. 

Ballet Slipper:

Life is a balance of precarious whims.
Tiptoe expertly through.

A dream of childhood:
you are a little girl again
yearning for perfection.

If the slipper is unlaced
you are still led by your dreams.
Wearing the slipper
means you have found what it is 
that you love to do.
is very auspicious. 

Take heart. This dream is saying
perseverance pays, grace
will save the day.


A dream of impending departure.
Take heed of anything
you want to escape from.

You want to travel
but don't know how. Or
there is a journey on the horizon
you feel unequipped for.

If there are holes in your  boat
there are problems in your day-to-day life
you need to deal with.
If you have lost an oar
you have recently lost or will lose 
a good friend.
Choppy water means
you are fleeing danger.
Smooth sailing augurs
a fortuitous stretch ahead .

If your plan is to circumnavigate the globe -
for you are ready to shake off
your life of old 
and begin anew. 

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