Thursday, 1 April 2021

Day 1: Seductive Fantasy


(1) Sun Ra Arkestra - Seductive Fantasy (A Chad Van Gaalen animation) - YouTube

Wahey, it's NaPoWriMo time again! Day 1 and we're off...!

Well, this prompt was just mad. I loved it. 

Creativity, A Theory

Messy, chaotic
collaboration, integration
of mind, body, spirit,
spun, sung, flung
out of the blue
bug-eyed boo
saxophone smooth
soliloquy serpentine truth.
Imagination overdrive,
chakra overload in kind,
third eye opened wide
colour conniption interlude;
jamboree of Jupiter’s moons,
Saturn’s moody hues,
psychedelic portal ride
to worlds beyond words
beyond ways
of comprehending:
kaleidoscopic breath
of wonderment
catching emotional overtures -
indigo flame, mundane
in and out (intergalactically)
of tune.

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