Saturday, 10 April 2021

Day 10: Junk Drawer Song

Today's prompt was to rifle through our junk drawers taking notes and then listen to a favourite song and take notes, and then combine the two to make a poem!

With thanks to Van Morrison, Nick Drake, Brandi Carlile. 



Amethyst avenue,

boulevard of broken dreams.

Meet me halfway

on the sunny side of the street.


Pink moon evening

into the mystic,

time unspooled

in a mother-of-pearl mirror.


Oh I wish we had

a waltz in a penny store;

elastic band of memory

stretching forevermore.


Harmony rising

hairbrush pining.

Taffeta skirts

and chandeliers shining.


Hopskotch on stars

chalk lines on tarmac,

you and me

ampersand elegant.


Papier-maché hearts

in a drawer, dying.

Trinkets, tarnished.

Gypsy soul, sold.


Love will find a way…

Moonglow afterparty.

We were born

to know the light.  

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