Saturday, 3 April 2021

Day 3: Personal Universal Deck

Today's personal universal deck was a brilliant prompt! 

I may have taken some short cuts....and the end product was written very much under the influence of Prosecco bubbles (birthday clause!) 



Tether me to a star,

I want to blaze, heavenward.

Light the obsidian dark,

with imagination’s mascot.


At the blue hour,

dance with a mermaid,

launch poems to a scalloped,

luminous horizon.


Lounge in a jazz daydream,

sing tutti-frutti lovesongs,

fade out to piano china-bone

whisper, curlicues of joy.


Sonorous vanilla dusk.

Silken caress.

Pinata of hearts

exploding in a rosé sky.


New moon a hammock

for tired eyes. Give me sunshine,

give me rest. Dawn,

in a slow falling teardrop.



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