Thursday, 8 April 2021

Day 8: Monologue

Today's prompt was to write a monologue from the point of view of someone who is deceased. 

I tried and couldn't! So, this instead:

Requiem for 2020


I was supposed to be the beginning,

not the end. Filofax of the year forgotten,

calendars closed, diaries left blank,

life deferred, put on hold. New Year dreams 

caught in Covid’s chokehold.

All my days blurred into one.

Seasons scurried past unnoticed.

My predecessor roared his riposte (giving

the 20s a bad name, huh!)

but people were in a flap. Everything suddenly

reduced to nothing. An empty time

of worry, fear, grief, regret.

I did my best. Years come and years go.

Mine will be one with an elegy of woe.


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