Sunday, 25 April 2021

Day 25: Occasion Poem


Today's prompt is to write an occasion poem. 


Bring out the bunting, barbecues, beach trips.
Deckchairs, sun loungers, parasols, bikinis.
Welcome back flowers, foliage and freckles.
Hello sun, fun and ice-cream sundaes,
pineapples, strawberries, passionfruit daiquiris.
The greening of gardens, the tanning of limbs.
Daisy-decked lawns and rose scented sentiments.
A thousand shades of yellow: buttercup, dandelion,
laburnum and camomile, honey haze of morning light.
The stage-show of sunsets: cerise, peach, flamingo pink.
Stars like fireflies in blue midnight skies.
Swallows, swifts and kaleidoscope butterflies.
Happiness like a bumblebee humming in nectar.

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