Friday, 9 April 2021

Day 9: To-Do List


Today's prompt was to write a to-do list from an unusual character. 

My first choice was a cat, then went for this!

The Poet’s To-Do List


Stare nonchalantly out window, trying

to describe the exact blue of the sky.

Contemplate oblivion.

Move a comma to and fro; replace with a semi-colon.

Backspace and delete. White page afterglow.

Reflect on the futileness of existence

juxtaposed with the beauty of a leaf.

Stagger muse-less to the kitchen,

consider anchovies on toast.

Shuffle through the 3pm doldrums,

do what you think poets should do at this time

and imbibe an espresso macchiato.

Shimmy when a word strikes the subconscious

like light hitting a sun catcher:

phantasmagoria, spectrum, heliotrope

bouncing rainbows across the room.

Delight in the quiddity of objects -

violet and elderflower gin bottle, floral china teacup,

verdigris watering can, smoothness of a spoon.

Wrestle thoughts onto page like a child

catching butterflies; grasp an idea like an eel

slippery and electric, crackling in an undercurrent whirlpool.

Colour-code emotions. Translate into wordy overflow.

Toast the dusk with a haiku kiss.

Worship at the silver light of a crescent moon.

Revel in the heightened feeling,

the fire-branding of words across a day

that blaze and blaze.

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