Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Day 28: Questions

Today's prompt is to write a poem composed of questions, and maybe answers. 


How are you?

A simple question

loaded with landmines

and fault lines, potential

emotional confession.

Does anyone want

to know the truth?

Take time to hear the berth

of your being?

Care about it -


Smile and lie.

One size fits all answer. 

'Yes, fine.' 

Brush it off. Hold in 

grandiose sigh.

'And you?'

Bat it back, reciprocate. 

Smother your answer

in an outpouring

of expected takes. 

The same applies

for you. 

A greeting, concealing,

instead of 

genuine meaning. 

'But how are you really?'

I ask with my eyes, 

I've caught you short,

the only thing for it

is to surmise. 

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