Friday, 30 April 2021

Day 30: Directions


Today is the last day of Napo - already! 

The prompt is to write directions to a real or an imagined places. 

How to Find a Poem
Take a right at self-doubt,
keep going until you find
Miles of maybe, but still.
Veer off the autoroute
of complacency
into the bumpy backroads
and detours of delight.
Watch the sun glitter on water,
the sky open its concave dreaming
mouth. Be on the lookout
for bewilderment.
Navigate past the inevitable
disenchantments on towards
an eclipse of sun
brimming on the horizon.
Wait for that silver strike of awe:
take note of it in your gut.
Turn your back on cynicism,
seek inspiration
in every moment, every corner,
examine the mundane minutiae
for epiphany. At the crossroads
of word and wonder
there you will find it;
on the golden crest of an evening,
the filament of a feeling.
Finally, look into the well
of your heart and write with its ink.
Bring it all forth to the light.

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