Friday, 2 April 2021

Day 2 : The Road Not Taken


Today's prompt is to write a 'road not taken' poem of our own, inspired by Robert Frost's.

The Poet’s Path


No linear routes. Highways,

motorways or auto-pilot cues.

Marking destinations off

on a checklist of non-chalance.


No, this is the path

of brambles and wildflowers.

Moonlit stones and mud-trodden ways.

Into the forest, counting the trees.


A doodled journey of spirals and loops,

intricate ways of being, seeing.  

There are no maps here,

no peers to follow or imitate. 


Just the alphabet of stars,

tourmaline suns setting in the heart.

And the reward? The view, not of below,

but the here-and-now ever-present sheen


of the light in every thing.

Voyeur of daily wonder,

blessed enjambment 

of aliveness and joy.


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