Monday, 1 April 2019

Day 1: How To

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Today's prompt is to write a 'how-to' poem or 'how not to'. As always, NaPo is working its magic as my initial blank is soon met with sudden inspiration.

How to Partake in NaPoWriMo

Wake up early. Log on, linger. 
Let the prompt simmer 

throughout the day. 
(The early bird - in this case - 

does not necessarily
catch the worm.)

Allow your mind to feel its way 
in the initial dark.

Don't be afraid to flail or stutter.
It's potential, not perfection you're after.

Let the new green on the trees
buoy your belief. 

Be enthralled by everyday scenes:
blue in the sky, the curvature of a smile. 

Mix emotion with thought and stir well. 
Build a ladder of lines to reach an inner sky. 

And finally, when the moment is ripe
put pen to paper, fingers to  keys. 

Observe the blankness of a day 
coalesce into colour. 

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