Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Day 9: Lists/Hidden

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Today's prompt was an interesting one, to write our very own 'Sei Shonagon style' list of things.

Also tried the alternative prompt - to write about something that is hidden. 

Especially Delightful Is...

The thrill of birdsong in the morning.
The way the light filters
through curtains.
Roadside daffodils 
yellow as yolks. 
The smiles of strangers. 
Good morning greetings. 
Unexpected sunburst. 
The shadows of leaves 
in a sidewalk breeze.
The fingernail curl
of a new moon.
Finding turquoise things.
A cat's purr. A congenial official.
Kindness, like a bloom, in the midst 
of grey indifference. 
The sparkling effervescence
of a drink between friends. 



There's a poem hidden in this day. 
I just have to know
where to find it.

Will it make itself known,
before too long?
Or will I have to seek it out
like a shy cat
with food and some sweet entreating?

Like a daisy sprouting through concrete,
it is discreet.
It will require attention. 

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