Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Day 3: Time

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Today's prompt is to write a poem that takes its time unfolding.

As today is my birthday, I can't help but think about the year gone by - not what was done, but what was felt.  

(This will need much editing...)

Notes on a Passing Year


Blank slate. Ordinary days white
with a kind of reprieve.
Frost stars glimmering. 
Hibernating heart turning
new dreams. 


Days bruised into beginning. 
'I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow'...
Spring a sentiment
earth cannot fathom


A green hurrah. The bluster of birds. 
Sun flickers, teases, lingers. 
The hint of buds on trees.
Heart waits,
with baited belief. 


A yellow cheer. Deep within, the murmurs
of a flower-strewn spring.  
Heart a charm, 
a pink moon tune.
I fill my pockets with light -
new coinage of truth. 


Cherry blossoms chime 
through days. 
Blue skies peal. 
Heart is a swallow, 
intent on flight.


The nectar of sun-soaked days
running down my fingers. 
Taste on tongue is sweet.
Drone of bees. 
Heart's ease. 


Fuchsia pink blooms. Heart a gypsy
romping through fields. 
Bound to beauty,
home a horizon line,
ever shifting. 


Hay bales and plane trails.
Goodbyes and low tides. 
Sun-scorched consequences. 
End of summer softness.
Heart, faraway swept. 


Burnt umber of leaves,
regret in the breeze. 
Here is where I learn 
the art of release. 
Heartsong a learned lament.


Hunter's moon
and I am caught in between
the pages of a year. 
Haunted chamber of a heart, 
ghost-ridden days.


Black eternity. Skeletal trees.
Death a familiarity.  
Heart a pencil mark
easily erased. 


Winter darkness. 
Lights strung up in defence.
I close my eyes, forget. 
I close my eyes,remember. 
Heart, a lamp, a glow,

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