Monday, 22 April 2019

Day 22: Ekphrastic

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'Almond Blossoms' - Van Gogh

I love writing poems based on paintings. It's just so hard to pick a single painting to work from! All art is great poetry, and the words never feel good enough somehow, but still, they add another dimension and isn't that what art is for? Opening us to speculation, to beauty, to different ways of seeing and being. 

Anyway, harking back to yesterday's Van Gogh poem, I chose this one. 

Almond Blossoms

I love how they float
in a sea of wistful blue. 
Sweet white nothings
as fragile as feathers, 
soft with spring light.

Look long enough to see
them sway in the breeze, 
perfuming the air. 
Summer snow, 
a tender truth told.

You could feel 
he was happy then. 
A blossoming time.
Awakening and hope,
fortitude in sorrow. 

A beautiful day
captured on canvas, 
a beautiful heart 
in full bloom, unaware 
of the winds to come.

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