Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Day 16: Ordinary Thing

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Today's prompt is to write a poem from a list to defamiliarize the mundane...
I tried a few...


Little moons
we navigate morning by.

Californian loot.
Globular goodness. 

The colour of resolution 
or bitter realisation. 

Zest of truth. Fruit
of the sun, orb of warmth. 

White teeth of seeds



A fingernail. 
A silver smile. 

A slice of bright,
a segment of white. 

Hammock in the sky.
The quarter of a pie. 

Daytime orb of cloud. 
Crystal ball,

Mirrorball at night.
A flashlight left on. 

White rabbit pulled
from the hat of night. 

A trick, a truth, a clock
ticking with light.

A face, luminous, 

lit up with love.



Jumps the wall
is a white flash

crouches, pounces
hunter extraordinaire

little zen buddha

curled in a circle
a moon -

around which the household

furred feline
spirited friend. 

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