Saturday, 27 April 2019

Day 27: Sonnet Remix

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Today, we had to remix a Shakespearean sonnet to come up with something different and entirely our own.

There's so many things you could do with this prompt! But I've always fancied writing the complete opposite, anti-love poem, riposte to Sonnet 18!

Shakespearean Sonnet no.18

Shall I compare thee to a winter's day?
Thou art more ugly and more miserable
than any leaden January grey. 
Rough winds, indeed, may blow my way
but my opinion will not be swayed. 
Thou art more dull than granite, 
more drab than inanimate,
as forgettable as erasable ink.
Bare as the branches of trees in November,
the sharp chill in the air come December,
and when winter's weary darkness descends,
you dear, are the heart it suspends. 
    So long as I may live and have eyes to see,
    my verse will not speak of you, believe me.

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