Thursday, 11 April 2019

Day 11: Origins

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Today we have to write about our origins. Meh. Went for something different.

There's more to come on this one. Just don't want to fall behind so posting it in this very early first draft stage...!

Origins of a Poem

A moment.
A word, an image, a trickle of light
on the tongue. Thorough delight. 
The flare of feeling,
freeze-frame flutter stutter of love.
From heartspace
realigned with mind.
The rising swell of emotion
translatable in rhyme. 
A hurt, its bruise hammered out
in lines.
The wingspan of wonder. Ephemeral delight. 
In the space between your eyes
and mine; golden path of memory
translated into a myriad of rhyme.
Excavation of the psyche, treasure found
at the right time, gold, gold, gold! 
The honey of happiness
harvested from details, 
spread thick 
on the bread of the page. 

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