Sunday, 21 April 2019

Day 21: Surreal

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Don't know why but I was inspired by Van Gogh for today's prompt of writing something surreal. I've been reading his letters recently and watching the trailer for the movie 'At Eternity's Gate', maybe that's it. 
(First draft so it's very rough...)

Yellow like the room 
of Van Gogh

burning daylight
colours too bright

the yellow room is sun
stared at too long

yellow room in a yellow town
attended by a mind overrun

poverty past talking about
yearning unaccounted for

the yellow room is claustrophobic
eternity's sore point, sulphurous -

the yellow room is frugal, fecund
articulate composition

the yellow room is gone
the sunflowers strong

the yellow room is not a room
in a house, but home

in a heart hollowed out
a hayfield at dawn

love, drawn out long
a soul seeking solace

on and on and on


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