Monday, 15 April 2019

Day 15: Monologue

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Today's prompt is to write a dramatic monologue poem. 

The Single Woman's Lament/Anthem

Here I sit, might as well be Medusa on land,
scaring men away for fun. 
Heart as hard as a wizened plum,
held in my hand like a rock, a sung song.
Known to no man, this is where I wander
sorry, forlorn, alone, fate done for. 
Or so you think. 

Here I stand, might as well be me, all at sea,
but strong, carefree. Master of all I survey, 
free to choose any way forward, 
any delicious way to just be. 
Heart as red as a ripe apple, a song waiting 
to be sung; its melody bright, nascent,
enough sustenance for me.

I will know him when I see him.
Enough of your quibbles and questions!
I will know him when I feel him.. Stop interfering!
Love is a balm that takes time
to find, love as an unexpected gift given;
not a commonplace must-have item
simply taken, checked off, become drivel.

And if not, leave me alone.
Alone is not an unpalatable state.
Alone can be complete.
I'm happy as I am. Solitary star dancer.
Seeker of dreams. Siren on a rock. 
Believe it or not. 
Here I am.

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