Thursday, 13 April 2017

Day 13: For Seamus

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I spent a very inspiring day today at the Seamus Heaney Homeplace Museum in his hometown of Bellaghy. 

And so,  I couldn't but write about it for today's prompt!

Homeplace (for Seamus Heaney)

Here are the annals of a life lived well in words.
Listen, as incantations of rhyme ripple the air

from lilting landscape of language, ornately carved.
Here the scripture of homeplace, recited in hallowed verse.

Here the rhythms of the soul, caught in a net of words:
flutter and clap of feeling, flint-spark and fine-spun.

Here the sounds of love scooped forth in silvered-lines.
Sharpened lead of a mind at play, 'brilliant' personified.

Pen, paper, kite, skylight, school-bag: the props of all his living
bring alive the man, our beloved file.

He rooted our hearts in sky, dreamed anew our greatness.
Here, in this hearth of language, his legacy begun
And we leave, resolved to walk on air, eager to live again
this world of wonder, given as gift, from poet to reader.  

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