Monday, 24 April 2017

Day 24: Ekphrasis Marginalia

Dancing Manicule.From a late 13th-century English manuscript. 

Today's (very strange) prompt was to write an ekphrasis poem (a poem inspired by an artwork) on the very specific art of medieval marginalia (notes on manuscript margins). Found this one above of a 'manicule', or little hand, a common motif apparently in these marginalia. 

Inner Critic

Let me alert you to a minor error, 
point out with rude extended finger
a maniacal blurt and blooper
run amok on unforgiving paper.

I am the beast that lurks inside,
serpent of the subconscious kind,
sharp, slick, doubter from the deep
manacled to any clever clout belief.

A scribble of self-loathing - 'man, I kill!" -
I just want to give you a little thrill
in the right direction. Accept
or I'll claw it all back to inept

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