Sunday, 16 April 2017

Day 16: Letter Writing

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Today's prompt was to be inspired by the art of letter-writing....

Love Letter

Dear You:
I never got to tell you any of those things
I always wanted to, so here I'll begin. 
Verbally, I'm the smitten kind, but in inked lines you'll find 
every sentiment of my heart in black and white rhyme, no hiding behind 
coquettish smiles or downcast eyes, for here is love transcribed
in unrestrained flair: every elaborate loop of letter
my extravagant heart when you are near;
truth spilled like a charm in words so true
they make of the page a relic; feelings
as fervent as prayers, faithfully confessed;
phrases sweet with a lover's perfume: all yours, my love, darling;
my heart is ravaged, how I long, how I wish, how I will.
Words like forever and cherish, soon and always -
and when we are together, I remember, I'll never forget,
beloved, betrothed...
But then:
I regret to inform you.
Please return to sender.
Yours sincerely...

etc, etc.

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