Sunday, 9 April 2017

Day 9: Nine

Image result for moon and stars blue night

Today we had to write a poem of nine lines.... tinkered about with a few ideas for a while until poem this suddenly popped into my head form nowhere really. (Strangely, I think it's kind of a mash-up of the week's earlier prompt of the elegy and the famous 20 Little Poetry Projects prompt...)


Nine lives didn't mean much in the end. 
We wasted them in death-defying melodies
strummed on perfectly-tuned heart strings. 
Incorrigible, the stars and youth. 
How I wished I'd saw you then
in black and white perfection. 
But dreaming never ends, even still.
We followed the moon until it led us
back to our bluest beginning.


  1. I cherish especially the fourth line, and the last two!

    1. Thank you Thomas. My favourite line is the fourth too :)