Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Day 18: Neologisms

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Today's prompt is to write a poem with neologisms - that is, new created words. 

Wasn't feeling any subject matter today until I came across this picture above... a man of many (bigly) neologisms himself! Ended up with a few puns too... who wouldn't.


When the President of the USA
met the Easter Bunny
the yolk was on him (ha)

but eggs did roll.
The world, shell-shocked,
from the dumbocracy of Il Dunce 

takes aim where it can.
When politics have become
all bumble and trumpbole, 

we wonder what will be
the fate of the free
with an comandeer-in-chief

of quiffical intent:
a peroxide blonde  
in control of the bombs.

The country cringes
as the bigly bigot
and his confederacy of dunces

lead the way down the rabbit hole  

to Blunderland.
Between the walling and the wailing,

the conning and the trumpetweeting
the thick-witted speech
and bomblastic trigger-treats,

the precedental urge
on us all -
is to weep.

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