Friday, 28 April 2017

Day 28: Jazz Dipodic

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I've tried to do a dipodic verse but I kept going off track... meh! Oh well, I'm keeping with my subject matter's nature!


Al that razzmatazz
is jazz,
which requires
a kind of pizazz
for the free-kickin
rhythms of sass.
Enerved verve
that serves
a bossa nova 
so I told ya,
flamboyant beat
that keeps the heat
drums whistling sweet,
while saxophone emotes
curly smoking notes.
Piano chimes
echoing time,
semi-colon cool
bravado spool;
that never waver.
You got to feel 
its earnest zeal
to really get it,
let it smack hit
every part -
especially heart.  

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